There is so much going on in the life of our church, and this season is always busy for everyone. For your convenience, listed below are direct links to give towards various missions. If you would like to donate towards Christmas Food Boxes, or pay online for a Christmas Poinsettia or Stained Glass Ornament, you may do so by clicking the specific link. If you purchase a poinsettia, please email to notify us who you would like your poinsettia to be listed in memory or in honor of.

Click Here to Donate to Christmas Food Boxes

Click Here to Purchase a Christmas Poinsettia

Click Here to Purchase a Stained Glass Ornament

Click Here to Purchase a Stained Glass Ornament with a Stand

If you know of someone who would be interested in donating towards the food boxes or purchasing an ornament or poinsettia, direct them to our website. All of this information is on there, too. Shipping is an option in the checkout page for ornaments.