December 24, 2023
Hebrew word for Peace is “Shalom” Greek word for Peace is “Eirene”   A way of Doing A way of Being The Embodiment of Peace

Transforming LOVE

December 10, 2023
The Transforming Love of Jesus, transforms… Anxious & Impatient people into PATIENT people Rude, inconsiderate, unpleasant, impolite people into KINDHEARTED, GRACIOUS, PLEASANT, people Jealous, greedy, and resentful people into GENEROUS,…

Shocking HOPE

December 3, 2023
The gift of SHOCKING HOPE SHOCKING HOPE…. Increases our J______ (JOY) Strengthens our R_______________  when we are worn out (RESOLVE) Helps us to L_________   U______, when we feel nothing is…